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  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3020292013CATCT660S54Caterpillar 3406 0Non18 Speed60,218   Mercer, PA
3020142013MackCXU61383Mack MP8 44564" MID10 Speed468,790   Mercer, PA
3020122013MackCXU613103Mack MP8 44564" MID10 Speed490,012   Mercer, PA
3019822013Western Star4900 FA135Cummins ISX 500Non18 Speed123,093   Mercer, PA
3020112012FreightlinerCascadia117Detroit 15 505Non13 Speed372,354   Mercer, PA
3020222011FreightlinerCascadia43Detroit 15 45540" MID10 Speed632,498   Mercer, PA
3020232011FreightlinerCascadia13Detroit 15 45540" MID10 Speed614,916   Mercer, PA
3042712011VolvoVNLCummins ISX 15 50060" HI13 Speed766,627   Mercer, PA
3042722011VolvoVNLCummins ISX 15 48560" HI13 Speed750,538   Mercer, PA
3014212010Peterbilt386115Cummins ISX 450Non10 Speed421,050   Mercer, PA
3025862009FreightlinerCascadia155Detroit 15 45563" HI10 Speed899,764   Mercer, PA
3020182009FreightlinerColumbia131Mercedes Benz  45036" FT10 Speed425,511   Mercer, PA
3020102009FreightlinerColumbia29Mercedes Benz  45036" ft10 Speed480,255   Mercer, PA
2890962009InternationalPROSTARCummins ISX 48548" MIDautomatic986,624   Mercer, PA
2993842009MackCXU61372Mack MP8 0Non10 Speed531,986   Mercer, PA
3019932009Sterling950020Detroit SERIES 60 0Non10 Speed900,304   Mercer, PA
3042632009Sterling9500114Detroit SERIES 60 425Non10 Speed770,434   Mercer, PA
3020172008Sterling950063Caterpillar C-15 0Non8LL198,005   Mercer, PA
3002322007FreightlinerColumbia53Detroit SERIES 60 455Non10 Speed684,926   Mercer, PA
3037462007FreightlinerColumbia38Detroit SERIES 60 45560" HI10 Speed893,627   Mercer, PA
2934152007International8600133Cummins  0Non10 Speed414,959   Mercer, PA
3042462007International9900ix82Caterpillar C-15 060" mid13 Speed941,512   Mercer, PA
3042412007Peterbilt37842Caterpillar C-15 47563" MID13 Speed680,021   Mercer, PA
2804022007Peterbilt379Caterpillar C-15 069" MID10 Speed817,507   Mercer, PA
3025972007Peterbilt38522Caterpillar C-13 0Non10 Speed551,593   Mercer, PA
3042442007Peterbilt38532Caterpillar C-13 0Non10 Speed684,546   Mercer, PA
3037492007Peterbilt38794Caterpillar C-13 070" HIautomatic1,125,136   Mercer, PA
3037392007Sterling950015Mercedes Benz  435Non10 Speed945,046   Mercer, PA
3025482007Sterling950040Mercedes Benz  435Non10 Speed1,111,172   Mercer, PA
3019952007Sterling950075Mercedes Benz  0Non10 Speed877,600   Mercer, PA
2957942007Sterling9500Mercedes Benz  0Non10 Speed1,001,057   Mercer, PA
2914452007Sterling950030Mercedes Benz  0Non10 Speed1,105,041   Mercer, PA
2900022007Sterling9500118mercedes benz  435Non10 Speed1,099,552   Mercer, PA
2900292007Sterling9500108mercedes benz  0Non10 Speed1,028,224   Mercer, PA
2900452007Sterling950085mercedes benz  0Non10 Speed822,391   Mercer, PA
2934022007Sterling950050Mercedes Benz  435Non10 Speed1,134,658   Mercer, PA
2957612007Sterling950070Mercedes Benz  435Non10 Speed1,013,333   Mercer, PA
2957832007Sterling950088Mercedes Benz  435Non10 Speed1,070,218   Mercer, PA
3042482007Sterling9500120Mercedes Benz  435Non10 Speed277,850   Mercer, PA
3042622007Sterling9500143Mercedes Benz  0Non10 Speed482,961   Mercer, PA
3037752007Sterling9500110Mercedes Benz  435Non10 Speed822,909   Mercer, PA
3037552007Sterling950055Mercedes Benz 435 0Non10 Speed977,165   Mercer, PA
3037722006FreightlinerColumbia105Mercedes Benz  435Non10 Speed549,239   Mercer, PA
3042542006International9900i57Cummins  060" mid10 Speed1,067,859   Mercer, PA
3042422006Peterbilt37862Caterpillar C-15 47563" MID13 Speed792,521   Mercer, PA
3037562006Peterbilt37884Caterpillar C-15 0Non10 Speed564,427   Mercer, PA
3025642006Sterling950060Mercedes Benz  0Non10 Speed915,991   Mercer, PA
3037402005MackCX61365Mack  0Non9 Speed971,390   Mercer, PA
3025512005MackCXN61395Mack  0Non9 Speed253,493   Mercer, PA
3001962005MackCXN61325Mack  0Non9 Speed400,135   Mercer, PA
3002292005MackCXN61335Mack  0Non9 Speed342,932   Mercer, PA
2981182005MackCXN61378Mack  0Non9 Speed994,562   Mercer, PA
3037712005MackCXN613100Mack  0Non9 Speed198,751   Mercer, PA
3042522005MackCXN613156Mack  0Non9 Speed349,953   Mercer, PA
2901882005Peterbilt387130Cummins  070" HI13 Speed1,252,733   Mercer, PA
3025522005VolvoVNL141Volvo VE D12 46560"13 Speed958,904   Mercer, PA
3042692005Western Star4900EXCaterpillar C-15 55070" HI13 Speed824,653   Mercer, PA
3037602004FreightlinerFL 80126Caterpillar C 7 250Non9 Speed78,046   Mercer, PA
3025852002International8100502International 530 0Non9 Speed282,589   Mercer, PA
3002272000FreightlinerFLD12073Cummins ISM 330Non10 Speed309,598   Mercer, PA
3042651998International9100104Detroit SERIES 60 470Non10 Speed541,343   Mercer, PA
2901891998VolvoWIA80Detroit SERIES 60 036" FT10 Speed104,933   Mercer, PA
3002361996FreightlinerFLD12045Detroit SERIES 60 33062" FT9 Speed32,726   Mercer, PA
3025871996FreightlinerFLD120140Caterpillar 3176 062" HI10 Speed335,678   Mercer, PA
3019941991KenworthT600123Detroit SERIES 60 450Non9 Speed304,639   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3042602005FreightlinerM2Caterpillar C 7 275automatic446,851   Mercer, PA
3014342003International740010International DT 466 08 LL227,941   Mercer, PA
3033702002International2554146International DT 466 09 Speed205,199   Mercer, PA
3020282000MackCL713113Mack E7 46018 Speed118,754   Mercer, PA
3037631999International2574Cummins M11 010 Speed155,912   Mercer, PA
3037651997MackCH61333Mack E7 42718 Speed65,224   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3014362006International740028International DT570 310automatic69,350   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
2981382014International4300International Maxxforce 0Auto185,564   Mercer, PA
2981372013InternationalTERRASTARInternational Maxxforce 0Auto129,375   Mercer, PA
3037642012FordF450503FORD 6.7L V8 DI 0Auto270,663   Mercer, PA
2734152012GMC3500GM 4.8L 0Auto   Mercer, PA
3042642012International430064International Maxxforce 0Auto96,132   Mercer, PA
2993792012InternationalTERRASTARInternational MAXFORCE 7 0Auto87,761   Mercer, PA
3037542011FordE35087FORD 5.4L 0Auto131,840   Mercer, PA
3025682011FordE350FORD 5.4L 0Auto102,831   Mercer, PA
2933752011FreightlinerM223Cummins ISB 220Auto246,792   Mercer, PA
2965162011Hino268138Hino  220Auto221,480   Mercer, PA
2993982011Hino268119Hino  220Auto313,142   Mercer, PA
3042582011Hino268139Hino  220Auto207,417   Mercer, PA
3042662011Hino268124Hino  0Auto201,577   Mercer, PA
3002172010International44008International Maxxforce 0Auto305,533   Mercer, PA
2965222009FordF450FORD 6.4L DIESE 0Auto160,001   Mercer, PA
3037612009Hino268145Hino  2206 Speed365,994   Mercer, PA
2933892009IsuzuNPR504GM 6.0L 0Auto153,987   Mercer, PA
3037672009IsuzuNPR HDIsuzu diesel 0Auto132,232   Mercer, PA
2837032008GMC350069GM 4.8L 0Auto227,536   Mercer, PA
3025832008IsuzuNPR150Isuzu diesel 0Auto285,655   Mercer, PA
3037772007FordF75037Cummins 5.9 06 Speed439,327   Mercer, PA
3042702007FordF750Cummins 5.9 06 Speed397,381   Mercer, PA
3014222007FordF75058Cummins 5.9 06 Speed448,634   Mercer, PA
2933712007FordF75098Cummins 5.9 06 Speed277,627   Mercer, PA
2868422007GMCC 7500160duramax  0Auto199,549   Mercer, PA
2311362007GMCC 750012Isuzu 7.8L 04 Speed Auto234,566   Mercer, PA
2687472007GMCC 750034duramax  0Auto212,032   Mercer, PA
2717162007GMCC 750052duramax  0Auto222,004   Mercer, PA
2717212007GMCC 750079duramax  0Auto226,819   Mercer, PA
3037702007GMCC 7500109duramax  0Auto178,222   Mercer, PA
3037522007GMCC 7500165duramax  0Auto243,896   Mercer, PA
2860752007GMCC7500151duramax  0Auto206,729   Mercer, PA
2837092007GMCC7500137duramax  0Auto223,531   Mercer, PA
3025672007GMCW4500112Isuzu diesel 0Auto131,891   Mercer, PA
2725802007International4200International VT 365 0Auto180,013   Mercer, PA
2734412007International4200International VT 365 0Auto158,150   Mercer, PA
2734442007International4200International VT 365 0Auto119,523   Mercer, PA
2747972007International420093International VT 365 0Auto136,883   Mercer, PA
2748302007International4200International VT 365 0Auto   Mercer, PA
2993752006ChevroletC4500duramax  0Auto104,656   Mercer, PA
3025772006FordF650158Caterpillar C 7 0Auto83,476   Mercer, PA
3025492006FreightlinerM2148Caterpillar C 7 190Auto86,107   Mercer, PA
3037512006GMC3500505GM 4.8L 0Auto254,179   Mercer, PA
3037742006GMCW4500Isuzu diesel 0Auto209,723   Mercer, PA
3020312006International430092International DT 466 0Auto275,633   Mercer, PA
2994182005FordE350144FORD 5.4L 0Auto269,062   Mercer, PA
2994082005FordF75068Cummins 5.9 06 Speed441,426   Mercer, PA
3037532005International430044International DT 466 0Auto369,533   Mercer, PA
2981262005UD130039Nissan diesel 0Auto101,083   Mercer, PA
3037572004International4300102International DT 466 06 Speed290,225   Mercer, PA
2981422001GMCC6500Caterpillar 3126 190Auto88,088   Mercer, PA
3037442000Chevrolet3500GM 5.7L 0Auto226,244   Mercer, PA
3042841999FordE350FORD 5.4L 0Auto64,556   Mercer, PA
2957971999International4700164International DT 466E 05 Speed34,443   Mercer, PA
2981411998FordF SERIESCummins  0Auto72,787   Mercer, PA
2687281994FordE350FORD 5.8L 0Auto1   Mercer, PA
2764662007GMCC7500127duramax  0Auto231,870   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
2860921999GRUMMAN OLSONSTEP VANGM LP 0Auto424,820   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3014252011Hino26874Hino  220Auto137,741   Mercer, PA
3042592006VolvoVHD129Volvo VE D12 09LL111,871   Mercer, PA
3042552005VolvoVHD89Volvo VE D12 3659LL104,807   Mercer, PA
2852322000BeringMD26163Cummins ISB 06 Speed261,744   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Type Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3042382012Chevrolet2500 HDUtilityGM 6.0L 0Auto150,439   Mercer, PA
3037342012FordF550Boom CraneFORD 6.7L V8 DI 0Auto205,668   Mercer, PA
3019912012International4300Boom Crane24International Maxxforce 0Auto64,898   Mercer, PA
3037662011Chevrolet2500 HDUtility47GM 6.0L 0Auto121,275   Mercer, PA
3042732010DodgeRAM 5500Flat BedCummins 6.7L 0Auto360,003   Mercer, PA
3042572010International4400Boom Crane67International Maxxforce 010 Speed188,482   Mercer, PA
3037372008FordF550BucketFORD 6.4L 0Auto213,623   Mercer, PA
3037482008International5900iVAC TANKER507Cummins ISX 50018 speed   Mercer, PA
3037472007MackCL733VAC TANKER506Cummins  018 speed223,714   Mercer, PA
3042672006ChevroletC5500Boom Crane9duramax  0Auto112,902   Mercer, PA
3042742006FordF350UtilityFORD 5.4L 0Auto100,303   Mercer, PA
2994192006FordF550Boom Crane5FORD 6.0L V8 DI 0Auto225,390   Mercer, PA
3025702006SKY TRAK6042SKY TRAK136Cummins B 4.5 0Auto   Mercer, PA
3042512005FreightlinerM2Flat BedMercedes Benz  2306 Speed69,500   Mercer, PA
3037432005HysterS120XMSFork lift508PERKINS diesel 0Auto   Mercer, PA
3042532004FordF450Utility17FORD 6.0L V8 DI 0Auto213,155   Mercer, PA
3037732004FordF550Boom Crane116FORD 6.0L V8 DI 0Auto150,888   Mercer, PA
3042832003ChevroletC4500Flat BedGM 8.1L 0Auto171,147   Mercer, PA
3037422003FordF350UtilityFORD 6.0L V8 DI 0Auto308,273   Mercer, PA
3037622003International4300knuckle boom craneInternational DT 466 07 Speed113,206   Mercer, PA
3001942003International7400knuckle boom crane48International DT 466 0Auto100,153   Mercer, PA
3020212003komatsuWA250-6Articulating Wheel Loader128 diesel 04 speed auto   Mercer, PA
3025782002FreightlinerFL70Beverage14Mercedes Benz  2506 Speed150,667   Mercer, PA
3037582001MackRD688SVAC TANKER152Mack EM 7 3008LL53,133   Mercer, PA
3042472001NISSAN50Fork lift4nissan lp 0Auto   Mercer, PA
3037322001Peterbilt330Flat Bed107Cummins ISC 2506 Speed96,820   Mercer, PA
2792212000Peterbilt357Flat Bed166Caterpillar C-10 036"10 Speed39,538   Mercer, PA
3037502000Peterbilt378Boom Crane59Caterpillar  013 Speed357,113   Mercer, PA
3025692000TOYOTA7FGU25Fork lift153 LP 0Auto   Mercer, PA
3025911999FordF550Utility2FORD 7.3L V8 DI 06 Speed269,265   Mercer, PA
3033301900KOHLER10RMH81GENERATORwisconsin  225   Mercer, PA
3042562010FordF450UtilityFORD 6.4 0Auto156,900   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
2994042009ChevroletC450077duramax  0Auto226,381   Mercer, PA
2994032006FordE450134FORD 6.8L 0Auto170,304   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3025842015RAM1500159chyrsler 5.7L 0Automatic134,639   Mercer, PA
3037382012FordF150147FORD 5.0L 0Automatic149,966   Mercer, PA
2965382012MERCEDES BENZ2500 SPRINTERchrysler 3.0L 0Automatic242,343   Mercer, PA
3037682011Chevrolet1500GM 5.3L 0Automatic143,554   Mercer, PA
3033692011Fordranger149FORD 2.3L 0Automatic120,749   Mercer, PA
3029892011Fordranger49FORD 2.3L 0Automatic127,989   Mercer, PA
3011182011Fordranger122FORD 2.3L 0Automatic147,520   Mercer, PA
3024672011Fordranger7FORD 2.3L 0Automatic126,298   Mercer, PA
3042452010ChevroletImpalaGM 3.5L 0Automatic115,710   Mercer, PA
3033682010Fordranger99FORD 2.3L 0Automatic119,410   Mercer, PA
3025942009Chevrolet2500 HD501GM 6.0L 0Automatic186,488   Mercer, PA
3048492007Chevrolet15003GM 5.3L 0Automatic103,710   Mercer, PA
3042402005FordEscape1FORD 3.0L 0Automatic130,024   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3025502010KALMAR4X290cummins  0automatic120,460   Mercer, PA
3025661999Ottawayard spotter500cummins  0automatic   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Length Axle Capacity GVWR Location
2993922012Fontainevelocity6648'   75,485 lbs   Mercer, PA
2993932012Fontainevelocity6148'     Mercer, PA
2993942012Fontainevelocity5648'     Mercer, PA
2804032011MAC48'   80,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3037762004TrailMobile01AA11148'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3037592003HOLDENHPD601659'   149,960 lbs   Mercer, PA
3037782003Manac10653'   73,855 lbs   Mercer, PA
2902002001COTTRELL8143'   45,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3042502000TrailMobile011A12145'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3041861999APPALACHIAN8648'   15,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
2981311998TrailMobile011A45'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
2957571997Dorsey10148'     Mercer, PA
3020031997HEIL9145'   68,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020051996East2645'   80,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020061996East2145'   80,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3002371996East9645'   80,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3002401996East5145'   80,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3014201996East4645'   80,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020001995HEIL3141'   70,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020021995HEIL645'   68,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020041984Fruehauf3641'   68,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020011983BUTLER7638'     Mercer, PA
3019971981HEIL4140'   70,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3019961980Fruehauf7143'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020091900SP CONSTR1118'   10,000 lbs   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
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