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  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3092622015KenworthT88010Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed33,933   Mercer, PA
3087382015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed134,381   Mercer, PA
3087412015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed81,249   Mercer, PA
3092712015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed27,678   Mercer, PA
3078622015KenworthT88060Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed44,368   Mercer, PA
3078692015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed121,147   Mercer, PA
3078532015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed120,880   Mercer, PA
3087352015KenworthT88065Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed123,393   Mercer, PA
3087432015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed41,414   Mercer, PA
3092752015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed162,469   Mercer, PA
3078712015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed116,003   Mercer, PA
3078512015KenworthT88070Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed116,204   Mercer, PA
3078682015KenworthT880Cummins ISX 15 56042" mid18 Speed127,693   Mercer, PA
3105972013FreightlinerCascadia72Detroit 13 45060" HI10 Speed642,588   Mercer, PA
3087362013FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit 15 47560" MID10 Speed543,215   Mercer, PA
3092822013Peterbilt384104Paccar  0Non10 Speed115,330   Mercer, PA
3112912013Peterbilt38679PACCAR  063" MID10 Speed415,438   Mercer, PA
3105652013Peterbilt38644PACCAR  45563" F/T13 Speed424,709   Mercer, PA
3118882012FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit 13 450Nonautomatic660,945   Mercer, PA
3087022012MackCXU61335Mack MP8 44560" HI10 Speed633,758   Mercer, PA
3087062012MackCXU61330Mack MP8 44560 " HI10 Speed613,227   Mercer, PA
3078812012MackCXU61340Mack MP8 44560 " HI10 Speed658,987   Mercer, PA
3112902012Peterbilt38662PACCAR  063" MID10 Speed377,453   Mercer, PA
3105962012VolvoVNL58Volvo D 13 45560" HI10 Speed740,153   Mercer, PA
3112862012VolvoVNL78Volvo D 13 45560" HI10 Speed721,893   Mercer, PA
3105952012VolvoVNL43Volvo D 13 50060" HI10 Speed777,627   Mercer, PA
3113142011VolvoVNM146Volvo D 13 435Nonautomatic602,321   Mercer, PA
3014212010Peterbilt386149Cummins ISX 450Non10 Speed421,050   Mercer, PA
3113082009Sterling950055Detroit SERIES 60 425Non10 Speed727,875   Mercer, PA
3096962008MackGU71353Mack MP 7 0Non18 Speed104,774   Mercer, PA
3087292008Peterbilt386Cummins ISX 48548" FT10 Speed414,860   Mercer, PA
3105632007FreightlinerCentury Class169Detroit SERIES 60 45548" FTautomatic938,178   Mercer, PA
3087372007FreightlinerClassicDetroit SERIES 60 060" ft10 Speed776,592   Mercer, PA
3118802007International860083Cummins ISM 0Non10 Speed581,750   Mercer, PA
3097162007International9400i93Cummins ISX 385Non10 Speed737,037   Mercer, PA
3118902007Peterbilt379Caterpillar C-15 063" MID10 Speed869,346   Mercer, PA
3105622007Peterbilt37932Caterpillar  0Non10 Speed517,514   Mercer, PA
3113092007Peterbilt38620Cummins ISX 47563" mid10 Speed989,590   Mercer, PA
3113122007Peterbilt387132Caterpillar C-15 070" HI9 Speed967,846   Mercer, PA
3037492007Peterbilt38748Caterpillar C-13 070" HIautomatic1,125,136   Mercer, PA
2900452007Sterling95005mercedes benz  0Non10 Speed822,391   Mercer, PA
3069802007VolvoVNLVolvo D12 465Nonautomatic677,924   Mercer, PA
3112892007VolvoVNL33Cummins ISX 47560" MID10 Speed952,981   Mercer, PA
3112882007VolvoVNL23Cummins ISX 40060" MID10 Speed1,158,361   Mercer, PA
3118842006FreightlinerColumbiaDetroit SERIES 60 45560" MIDautomatic962,098   Mercer, PA
3105792006International9900i67Caterpillar C-15 060" mid18 Speed740,158   Mercer, PA
3118912006Peterbilt378Caterpillar C-15 47563" MID13 Speed811,083   Mercer, PA
3118672005International9400i95Cummins ISX 43560" MID10 Speed932,556   Mercer, PA
3105732005VolvoVNLCummins ISX 45060" HI10 Speed1,021,871   Mercer, PA
3118812004VolvoVNMVolvo VED12 365Non10 Speed721,722   Mercer, PA
3105572003MackCX613109Mack E7 063" MID10 Speed228,556   Mercer, PA
3025852002International8100International 530 0Non9 Speed282,589   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3014342003International740050International DT 466 08 LL227,941   Mercer, PA
3118922002International2574Cummins ISM 08LL154,874   Mercer, PA
3087202000Peterbilt378168Caterpillar 3406 43510 Speed524,444   Mercer, PA
3087272000Peterbilt379Cummins  010 Speed789,704   Mercer, PA
3087172000Peterbilt379142Cummins N14 010 Speed79,336   Mercer, PA
3087161998Peterbilt377110Cummins N14 010 Speed656,678   Mercer, PA
3037651997MackCH613Mack E7 42718 Speed65,224   Mercer, PA
3087151997Peterbilt377126Caterpillar 3406 4758LL713,288   Mercer, PA
3105941987FordF80013FORD diesel 05 & 2178,903   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3014362006International7400125International DT570 310automatic69,350   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3118942014International4300International Maxxforce 0Auto158,026   Mercer, PA
3087472012International4300International Maxxforce 0Auto186,936   Mercer, PA
3113002012IsuzuNPR HDIsuzu diesel 0Auto106,271   Mercer, PA
3113042012IsuzuNPR HD37GM 6.0L natur 0Auto57,065   Mercer, PA
3078562012IsuzuNPR HDGM 6.0L 0Auto246,540   Mercer, PA
3105682011Chevrolet3500GM 6.0L 0Auto266,786   Mercer, PA
3105692011Chevrolet3500GM 6.0L 0Auto246,240   Mercer, PA
3118752011Chevrolet3500GM 6.0L 0Auto143,662   Mercer, PA
3096792011FordE350FORD 5.4L 0Auto170,793   Mercer, PA
3092912011GMC3500GM 4.8L 0Auto154,195   Mercer, PA
3097002011GMC3500GM 4.8L 0Auto159,876   Mercer, PA
3092922011GMC3500GM 4.8L 0Auto166,986   Mercer, PA
3112942011GMC3500GM 4.8L 0Auto141,667   Mercer, PA
3112992010IsuzuNPR HDIsuzu diesel 0Auto112,788   Mercer, PA
3069882009International4300International Maxxforce 0Auto256,102   Mercer, PA
3096742009International4300International Maxxforce 0Auto222,518   Mercer, PA
3069792009InternationalCF600International MAXXFORCE 0Auto86,063   Mercer, PA
3105532009IsuzuNPRGM 6.0L 0Auto308,706   Mercer, PA
3063172008International4300160International DT 466 0Auto168,810   Mercer, PA
3097172008International4300International Maxxforce 0Auto104,452   Mercer, PA
3078502008InternationalCF500International Maxxforce 0Auto183,687   Mercer, PA
2725802007International4200International VT 365 0Auto180,013   Mercer, PA
3092872007International4300154International DT 466 0Auto267,532   Mercer, PA
3092882007International4300135International DT 466 0Auto294,459   Mercer, PA
2993752006ChevroletC4500duramax  0Auto104,656   Mercer, PA
3105582006FordF750122Cummins 5.9 06 Speed333,462   Mercer, PA
3105782006FreightlinerM239Mercedes Benz  210Auto363,793   Mercer, PA
3078552006International4300International DT 466 0Auto335,228   Mercer, PA
3113282005Hino1854Hino  175Auto171,901   Mercer, PA
3037532005International4300100International DT 466 0Auto369,533   Mercer, PA
3118762005MackCXN61273mack  09 Speed381,983   Mercer, PA
3118732004GMCC6500Caterpillar  0Auto199,157   Mercer, PA
3097102004MitsubishiFE 640Mitsubishi diesel 0Auto196,030   Mercer, PA
3037442000Chevrolet3500GM 5.7L 0Auto226,244   Mercer, PA
3056701996Peterbilt357147Cummins  018 speed455,372   Mercer, PA
2687281994FordE350FORD 5.8L 0Auto1   Mercer, PA
3118742008International4300International Maxxforce 0Auto   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3078322014FordF 59FORD 6.8L 0Auto23,372   Mercer, PA
3078342014FordF 59FORD 6.8L 0Auto33,647   Mercer, PA
3078332014FordF 59FORD 6.8L 0Auto37,043   Mercer, PA
3118722009WorkhorseW62138GM 8.1L 0Auto144,833   Mercer, PA
3113332009WorkhorseW6257GM 8.1L 0Auto164,592   Mercer, PA
3113172009WorkhorseW6228GM 8.1L 0Auto164,021   Mercer, PA
3113162009WorkhorseW62GM 8.1L 0Auto130,651   Mercer, PA
3113232009WorkhorseW6238GM 8.1L 0Auto134,221   Mercer, PA
3118632009WorkhorseW6298GM 8.1L 0Auto150,970   Mercer, PA
3118622009WorkhorseW6288GM 8.1L 0Auto163,416   Mercer, PA
3113352009WorkhorseW6277GM 8.1L 0Auto182,966   Mercer, PA
3118642009WorkhorseW62108GM 8.1L 0Auto140,675   Mercer, PA
3118852009WorkhorseW62GM 8.1L 0Auto212,964   Mercer, PA
3113152009WorkhorseW62GM 8.1L 0Auto143,900   Mercer, PA
3113342009WorkhorseW6268GM 8.1L 0Auto149,573   Mercer, PA
3118652009WorkhorseW62118GM 8.1L 0Auto157,687   Mercer, PA
3113222009WorkhorseW6218GM 8.1L 0Auto139,541   Mercer, PA
3113212009WorkhorseW628GM 8.1L 0Auto154,945   Mercer, PA
3118662009WorkhorseW62128GM 8.1L 0Auto176,354   Mercer, PA
2860921999GRUMMAN OLSONSTEP VANGM LP 0Auto424,820   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3096732012Hino268Hino  0Auto182,116   Mercer, PA
3112932009International440063International Maxxforce 0Auto150,068   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Type Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3105892015KenworthT800VAC TANKERCummins ISX 15 50018 speed123,297   Mercer, PA
3096752012FordE350UtilityFORD 5.4L 0Auto122,278   Mercer, PA
3078402012InternationalTERRASTARBeverageInternational Maxxforce 0Auto83,112   Mercer, PA
3112982012Peterbilt365VAC TANKER152Cummins ISX 4258LL232,613   Mercer, PA
3105912012Peterbilt388VAC TANKER82Cummins ISX 15 50018 speed290,628   Mercer, PA
3105922012Peterbilt388VAC TANKER101Cummins ISXv15 50018 speed233,540   Mercer, PA
3118892008International4300UtilityInternational Maxxforce 0Auto118,872   Mercer, PA
3113252008Nissan40Fork lift2nissan LP 0Auto   Mercer, PA
3113242008Nissan40Fork lift1nissan LP 0Auto   Mercer, PA
3112962008Peterbilt365VAC TANKER136Cummins  010 Speed161,159   Mercer, PA
3087262008TEREXRT230-1CRANE  0   Mercer, PA
3092702007International4300Boom Crane15International DT 466 0Auto290,862   Mercer, PA
3105482006FordF 550Boom CraneFORD 6.0L V8 DI 0Auto242,348   Mercer, PA
3070592006FordF450Flat BedFORD 6.0L V8 DI 0Auto258,063   Mercer, PA
3070072006FordF550Flat BedFORD 6.0L V8 DI 0Auto228,991   Mercer, PA
3092802006genieS40Man lift  0   Mercer, PA
3105722006GMCC5500Bucketduramax  0Auto277,703   Mercer, PA
3087332006International4200Boom CraneInternational VT 365 0Auto145,960   Mercer, PA
3097192006International4300Boom CraneInternational DT 466 06 Speed90,924   Mercer, PA
3113132006MackCXN612Water Tanker103Mack  33010 Speed380,372   Mercer, PA
3105932006Peterbilt379VAC TANKER119Caterpillar C-15 018 speed352,908   Mercer, PA
3087192004FordF550Boom CraneFORD 6.0L V8 DI 0Auto206,131   Mercer, PA
3105672004GMCC6500Mobile Medical TruckGM 8.1L 0Auto14,718   Mercer, PA
3087242004Peterbilt379refridgerated liquid tanker  0771,000   Mercer, PA
3020212003komatsuWA250-6Articulating Wheel Loader diesel 04 speed auto   Mercer, PA
3025782002FreightlinerFL70Beverage116Mercedes Benz  2506 Speed150,667   Mercer, PA
3105542000FordF550Boom CraneFORD 7.3L 0Auto289,998   Mercer, PA
3118931999FreightlinerFL70BucketCaterpillar 3126 0Auto76,672   Mercer, PA
3093031999Peterbilt379refridgerated liquid tankerDetroit SERIES 60 010 Speed808,007   Mercer, PA
3087031999Sterling8500propane tankerCaterpillar  07 Speed368,844   Mercer, PA
3092811998VolvoWGFlat Bed165Caterpillar 3306C 3009 Speed114,022   Mercer, PA
3092781996International4900Boom Crane158International DT 466 06 Speed80,106   Mercer, PA
3113052011FreightlinerM2112VAC TANKER163Detroit 13 4508LL159,501   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3113112010FordE 450FORD 6.8L 0Auto193,387   Mercer, PA
3070082006FordE 450FORD 6.8L 0Auto85,953   Mercer, PA
2994032006FordE450FORD 6.8L 0Auto170,304   Mercer, PA
3069961999FreightlinerBUS159Caterpillar 3126 190Auto195,848   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3118782017Chevrolet2500 HDduramax  0Automatic31,578   Mercer, PA
3118772017Chevrolet2500 HDduramax  0Automatic20,980   Mercer, PA
3111312017GMC2500GM 4.8L 0Automatic8,790   Mercer, PA
3118832015FordExplorerFORD 3.5L 0Automatic111,678   Mercer, PA
3111172014GMC2500GM 4.8L 0Automatic42,250   Mercer, PA
3118862012ChevroletImpalaGM 3.6L 0Automatic123,579   Mercer, PA
2965382012MERCEDES BENZ2500 SPRINTERchrysler 3.0L 0Automatic242,343   Mercer, PA
3118792012VolkswagenPassatvolkswagen 2.5L 0Automatic87,962   Mercer, PA
3113292011Chevrolet2500 HDGM 6.0L 0Automatic119,077   Mercer, PA
3118872011ChevroletImpalaGM 3.5L 0Automatic95,698   Mercer, PA
3118682011Mercedes Benz2500chrysler 3.0L 0Automatic164,175   Mercer, PA
3097202009FordF 250 King RancFORD 6.4L 0Automatic260,448   Mercer, PA
2917732008FordF250FORD 6.4L 0Automatic188,085   Mercer, PA
3078802007ChevroletColoradoGM 3.7L 0Automatic67,811   Mercer, PA
3105472007FordE150FORD 4.6L 0Automatic106,578   Mercer, PA
3097222007FordEdgeFORD 3.5L 0Automatic209,568   Mercer, PA
3096722004FordF350FORD 5.4L 0Automatic297,316   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Length Axle Capacity GVWR Location
3105642014Stephens1141'   68,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3087442013RETESAHCC2EAH40167140'   33,885 lbs   Mercer, PA
3092972004Utility3000R1653'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3113102000Dorsey2145'   66,240 lbs   Mercer, PA
3069762000FruehaufFBHLP3153'   68,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3062932000FruehaufFleet Flyer3653'   68,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3113262000TrailMobile011A4145'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3041861999APPALACHIAN648'   15,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3113271998TrailMobile011A2645'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3097061998Wabash4653'   68,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020061996East6145'   80,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020051996East6645'   80,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3069771993Great Dane45'     Mercer, PA
3020011983BUTLER38'     Mercer, PA
3019971981HEIL40'   70,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3019961980Fruehauf43'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3020091900SP CONSTR5118'   10,000 lbs   Mercer, PA
3113072001TrailMobile01AA5648'   65,000 lbs   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
2885212010NISSAN40  0   Mercer, PA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
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