Southern Company Inventory - These vehicles will be offered in the November 16th Sale


  Unit# Year Make Model Type Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7617472013FordESCAPESUVFORD 2.5L GASOL 0128,463   Fairburn, GA
7569672013FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0147,659   Fairburn, GA
7610892012FordEXPLORERSUVFORD 3.5L GASOL 0116,490   Fairburn, GA
7539372012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0163,570   Fairburn, GA
7539532012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0129,433   Fairburn, GA
7539632012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0146,292   Fairburn, GA
7569582012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0184,838   Fairburn, GA
7569682012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0122,664   Fairburn, GA
7569712012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0138,995   Fairburn, GA
7569602012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0141,338   Fairburn, GA
7569642012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0132,697   Fairburn, GA
7569652012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0147,085   Fairburn, GA
7569662012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0133,735   Fairburn, GA
7583122012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 041,692   Fairburn, GA
7583442012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0115,570   Fairburn, GA
7617292012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0128,336   Fairburn, GA
7617302012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0173,030   Fairburn, GA
7617332012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0175,622   Fairburn, GA
7617342012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0160,819   Fairburn, GA
7569812012FordF-150XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0101,203   Fairburn, GA
7617492012FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 0119,166   Fairburn, GA
7539352011FordEXPLORERSUVFORD 3.5L GASOL 0116,913   Fairburn, GA
7569592011FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 017,489   Fairburn, GA
7539612011FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0138,770   Fairburn, GA
7569752011FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD GASOLINE 082,622   Fairburn, GA
7569802011FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0130,078   Fairburn, GA
7617592011FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 058,531   Fairburn, GA
7617352011FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0   Fairburn, GA
7617312011FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 070,941   Fairburn, GA
7569772011FordF-150XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0122,386   Fairburn, GA
7617602011FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 084,236   Fairburn, GA
7583472011FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 059,304   Fairburn, GA
7617482009FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 4.6L GASOL 0189,052   Fairburn, GA
7296872009FordF-150 XLPICK UP 4.6L GASOL 0118,575   Fairburn, GA
7569762009FordF-450 XLSERVICE BODYFORD 6.8L GASOL 042,147   Fairburn, GA
7569952009FordF-450 XLSERVICE BODYFORD DIESEL 049,912   Fairburn, GA
7569722008FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 5.4LGAS 0145,655   Fairburn, GA
7617322008FordF-450 XLUTILITY BODYFORD DIESEL 0117,874   Fairburn, GA
7617362008FordF-450 XLUTILITY BODY6.4L DIESEL  046,959   Fairburn, GA
7610912012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0126,608   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
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