Southern Company Inventory - These vehicles will be offered in the July 20th Sale


  Unit# Year Make Model Type Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7350382014FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 030,328   Fairburn, GA
7452022013FordF150PICK UPGASOLINE 3.6L 082,461   Fairburn, GA
7448422013FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 090,570   Fairburn, GA
7349942013FordF-150 XLPICK UP3.7L GASOLINE  083,771   Fairburn, GA
7495162013FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L 8CYL 0184,792   Fairburn, GA
7482412012FordEXPLORERSUV3.5L GASOLINE  0137,419   Fairburn, GA
7495142012FordF150PICK UPGASOLINE 3.6L 0139,632   Fairburn, GA
7495152012FordF150PICK UPGASOLINE 3.6L 0159,593   Fairburn, GA
7495172012FordF150PICK UPGASOLINE 3.6L 0162,370   Fairburn, GA
7495182012FordF150PICK UPGASOLINE 3.6L 0126,473   Fairburn, GA
7422942012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 063,217   Fairburn, GA
7448532012FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 068,777   Fairburn, GA
7452012010FordF350UTILITY BODYTRITON 6.7L V10 036,393   Fairburn, GA
7434362008FordF 550 XLUTILITY BODY6.4L DIESEL  024,870   Fairburn, GA
7452032008FordF150PICK UPGASOLINE 4.6L 041,219   Fairburn, GA
7350392008FordF-350 XLSERVICE BODYFORD 5.4L GASOL 039,003   Fairburn, GA
7349982008FordF-350 XLSERVICE BODYFORD 5.4L GASO. 042,243   Fairburn, GA
7349882008FordF-450 XLSERVICE BODYFORD 6.4L DIESE 049,532   Fairburn, GA
7350402008FordF-550 XLUTILITY BODY6.4L DIESEL  054,298   Fairburn, GA
7434372008FordF-550 XLUTILITY BODY6.4L DIESEL  035,533   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
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